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Are you one of those people who wants to support local businesses, but like the rest of us, don't find it convenient or easy to do so?

I’m guilty of it myself - there’s places in Wokingham that I’m yet to try, and it’s not for any distinct reason at all. They just haven’t come to my attention. But then I’ll see an event through Jamma, a brilliant independent music platform, and discover a new venue. I needed that ‘incentive’ to get me through the door.

Over the last few years, we’ve come to realise just how prevalent this issue is. We’d speak with people and would ask, “You know that store in town that sells shoes?”, and the other person would usually respond that they had no idea they existed.

Crazy right? A business that’s right in their local town and they don’t know it exists. I bet if you head to our homepage right now, you’ll see local businesses that you had no idea were there. Try it and see for yourself!

Now, it’s easy to say it’s the fault of the business itself, but that’s not entirely true. It’s extremely difficult running a business and wearing every hat possible. In the morning you’re a salesman, during lunch you’re a marketer, and then in the evening you’re an accountant - it’s hard!

So, we came up with the perfect solution, where everyone in the community wins.

Curbb partners with local businesses to share exclusive deals, offers and incentives with our members. The business wins as they get more exposure and gain customers that never knew they existed. Meanwhile our members save loads of money because they can flash their prized membership in most places they go.

As a member, for example, you can save £5 on a haircut, £40 on beauty treatments, 20% in bars, 2-for-1 in restaurants, money off at stores, gym memberships and so on. Being local, YOU get rewarded for choosing local.

However, the true essence of Curbb lies in its ability to knit the community tighter. When businesses and residents support each other, it creates a ripple effect, which ultimately benefits the very place you live.

I invite every resident and local business to embrace and be part of this journey and as we roll out more features, deals and partnerships, we can all do our bit to ensure Wokingham continues to thrive.


Daniel Hadden - Co-Founder


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