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Curbb's platform is all about discovery. Residents discovering local businesses in the simplest way possible.

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Businesses on our platform show a desire to be a part of the community. In turn, those who reward their community gain better reputation.

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When people feel like they're being looked after, they show loyalty. It's something that should come with supporting local businesses. But at the end of the day, the offer always has to be good enough.

Empowering local businesses with a platform for local growth.

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Frequently asked questions

Everything you need to know about being a business on Curbb.
Does it cost anything to join?
No, it doesn't cost anything. We ask businesses to pass on discounts & special offers to our members to better the discovery process.
How can I become a featured business?
If you want to become a featured business & receive better placement on our website, advertising to thousands of local residents - then drop us an email or fill out the form above.
How often can I change my offer?
You can change your offer as often as you like. If you're planning on running a limited-time promotion, it's always a great idea to mention that to the audience.
Can Curbb help us with our offers?
We're happy to help guide every business through the process of making a brilliant offer. Just drop us a message any time.
How can I track if people are members?
Whilst we work on our app which will bring Wokingham's high street online, the easiest way to check the membership status is to ask them to show you their logged in account. If they can see the offers then they're using a premium membership.

Still have questions?

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